Fun fact: It took me longer to complete my graduate degree than it did to complete my undergraduate degree!

I spent the better part of my 20s (and a small part of my 30s) pursuing my graduate degree. Even though it took me four and half years to complete my graduate degree, I am glad I took the slow route. The slow pace allowed me to soak in all the experiences and reflect on my learnings.

The following courses satisfy my requirements for the degree of Master of the Arts in Communication from Queens University of Charlotte:

  1. COM613, Constructive Messages and Audiences with Dr. MacArthur (Spring 2013)
  2. COM668, Health Communication and Social Support with Dr. White (Summer 2013)
  3. COM601, Communication Fluency with Dr. Nathaniel (Fall 2013)
  4. COM616, Communicating Mindfully with Dr. Pupchek (Spring 2014)
  5. COM610, The Social Creation of Organizing with Dr. Isom-Barnes (Fall 2014)
  6. COM668, Autoethnography with Dr. Pupchek (Spring 2015)
  7. COM665, International Experience (Peru) with Dr. Pupchek (Summer 2015)
  8. COM664, Organizational Identity and Branding with Dr. Weller (Fall 2015)
  9. COM624, Communication and Culture in a Network Society with Dr. Nathaniel (Summer 2016)
  10. COM680, Expanding Communication Boundaries with Dr. MacArthur and Dr. White (Fall 2016)
  11. COM681, Launching Passion into Practice with Dr. White (Spring 2017)
  12. COM629, Leadership, Empowerment and Management with TBD (in progress – Summer 2017)

I want to thank the following people for their support of my graduate degree in communication at Queens University of Charlotte:

  • My parents for providing support and encouragement (and much inspiration!) throughout not only my graduate program, but my entire schooling
  • My partner sponsor at work, Mary Shelton Rose, for sponsoring my higher educational pursuit
  • My stimulating and challenging professors, including Dr. White, Dr. MacArthur, Dr. Weller, Dr. Isom-Barnes, and last, but never least, Dr. Pupchek. Together, Dr. P. and I have survived two conferences, one serious car crash, three breakups, and two countries. May our lives continue to intertwine, although hopefully less dramatically! 🙂
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