IMG_1573Michelle Woodbury graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a Master of the Arts in Communication in May 2017 (pending completion of final course in Summer of 2017).

Throughout her graduate coursework, Michelle developed a love for qualitative inquiry. She completed numerous projects using interviews and the auto-ethnographic method. Michelle married her love for qualitative methods with the rigor required by her career in Finance and Accounting by applying a global communications perspective to her coursework. She also wove mindful communication and communicative ethics into her studies.

During her time at Queens, Michelle was blessed with a number of enriching learning experiences including:

  • Presenting her autoethnographic project, Grass of my Past, at the 2015 Carolinas Communication Association Conference in historical Charleston, SC.
  • Living in Peru for two weeks for an international course and scaling the peaks of Machu Picchu with two of her closest classmates and friends.
  • Completing her Capstone research project on Food Allergy Discourse and Sense Making in Restaurants in the Spring of 2017. As part of this project, Michelle interviewed eleven participants from four locally-owned Charlotte restaurants and developed recommendations for the successful serving of “safe’ food for restaurants and for guests. Michelle has already had the opportunity to share her findings with people in her network and looks forward to continuing this research post graduation.
  • Spending her 2013 Christmas break data coding focus group and survey data for the Queens University rebranding initiative led by Jennifer Johnson. The impact of Michelle’s efforts was seen during a 2016 presentation on the new brand during Dr. Weller’s course on branding. Michelle also had the pleasure of seeing a billboard advertising the new brand, with themes she’d helped to identify, for Queens on Independence Boulevard in April 2017.

Michelle leveraged the skills she gained throughout the program to secure an eight-month team building secondment with her job in India during 2016 and an internal transfer to Chicago in 2017 to further her network and career.

Personally, the skills Michelle gained throughout the program have brought a new perspective to her on the importance of personal branding, mindful communication, and privacy management. Learning about the transmission model of communication in COM601, Communication Fluency with Dr. Nathaniel was critical to Michelle’s understanding of communication.

The transmission model shows how each communicator has a role in the creation of meaning and that environmental noise interferes with the successful transmission of meaning. This model is important as it shows the the role of each party and the importance of successful interpretations of meaning.

The transmission model of communication:


Image from http://www.media-studies.ca/articles/echoland.htm, accessed April 28th, 2017.

The posts on this site showcase Michelle’s other key learnings during the program. The blog posts are organized by the learning objectives of the Master in Communication program:

  1. Theoretical literacy
  2. Research literacy
  3. Digital and media literacy
  4. Writing literacy
  5. Ethical consideration
  6. Global awareness
  7. Integrate theory and content learning

Throughout this site, Michelle has highlighted a selection of photos from her travels that relate to the communication topics showcased. For more information on the photos or the topics on this site, please reach out to Michelle at mbwoodbury@gmail.com or swing by for a coffee at her new condo in Chicago!


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