Writing literacy

Learning objective: Writing literacy for chosen audiences, including the ability to draft and format an essay in an appropriate citation style.

I learned how to properly write an APA-style essay during this program. Most of my courses required an APA-formatted essay, including COM601, Communication Fluency with Dr. Nathaniel and COM681, Launching Passion into Practice with Dr. White.

The APA style guide was different than the MLA style guide I used in undergrad. However, as Dr. Nathaniel said, “no one knows APA. You just follow the book.”

While I did learn how to follow APA guidance, I also learned that citation styles are important for other researchers to be able to easily leverage your references for their work. I mined sources from many articles I discovered in my Capstone research process and the standard format of the references made my research process easier.

In addition to developing the ability to write in APA style, this program helped me develop as a better writer overall.

I have more command over the English language and use fewer “filler” words in my writing. Dr. Pupchek drilled many filler words out of me and she was influential in strengthening my writing abilities. Strengthening my writing abilities was one of the main reasons I enrolled in this program, and I am happy that I met this learning objective.


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