Research literacy

Learning objective: Research literacy within the communication discipline demonstrated by the ability to create and complete at least one inquiry project that:

  • Articulates a communication problem, strategy, or initiative to be analyzed and evaluated
  • Adopts an epistemological standpoint
  • Locates, aggregates, and analyzes credible research
  • Drafts a literature review that supports and illuminates a chosen area of inquiry
  • Composes and supports arguments using at least one theoretical framework.

I have demonstrated research literacy throughout the program. Most recently, I demonstrated research literacy by completing my Capstone project on Food Allergy Discourse and Sense Making in Restaurants.

In my Capstone, I examined the challenges restaurants experience in successfully eliciting and interpreting food allergy disclosures from guests. My epistemological standpoint called up Weick’s (1979) sense-making model to illuminate how restaurants make sense of these interactions with guests.

I completed an exhaustive literature review as part of Food Allergy Discourse and Sense Making in Restaurants_Woodbury MA COMM Capstone 2017. My findings and discussion were interpreted through the lens of the sense-making model.

The Capstone research process was a demanding and rigorous one. The Annotated Bibliography_vF that I completed for COM601, Communication Fluency with Dr. Nathaniel, was a critical learning experience on how to properly research a communication topic. I remember shedding many tears during Fall Break at my Grandparents’ dining room table in Pittsfield, Maine as I struggled to locate and summarize articles applicable to my topic of the Sociocultural Communicator. However, this time-consuming and frustrating experience prepared me to complete the literature review portion of my Capstone project. I believe the requirements in COM601 were foundational to developing my research literacy.


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