Global awareness

Learning objective: Global awareness and understanding of international issues and practices related to communication demonstrated by at least one activity or assignment that asks students to explore a communication situation or problem from a global/international perspective.

COM665, International Experience with Dr. Pupchek increased my global awareness and understanding of international issues.

As part of the course, I had the privilege to teach basic English to young children who lived outside of Lima in some of the roughest conditions I had ever seen. The children’s gratitude for a simple gesture such as a sticker astonished me. The school’s administration’s hope that a basic grasp of the English language could help lift the children, and by extension the community, out of poverty inspired me.

The community’s visible joy, in the midst of their circumstances, challenged me.

My experiences in Peru enforced the importance of non-verbal communication. There were many times when the language barrier was too high between a Peruvian and myself. In these times, sprawling gestures and smiles were all that could convey meaning.

My classmates and I wrote a collection of stories and reflections on a blog, which I encourage you to visit. While this compilation of media is a poor substitute for the actual experience, it does showcase some of the lessons gleaned from our collective experiences ans is well worth a read -preferably accompanied by a pisco sour!


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