Digital and media literacy

Learning objective: Digital and media literacy demonstrated by the ability to create and evaluate content on at least one digital or media platform related to a specific communication initiative and audience.

One of the assignments in COM624, Communication and Culture in a Network Society with Dr. Nathaniel, was an assessment of your online identity. This assignment required me to evaluate my usage of social media and assess if my social media usage was in line with my core values.

I had to evaluate my own social media content for authenticity, and it turns out my social media usage patterns were not in line with my values.

Dr. Nathaniel’s assignment helped me understand how I may not be sharing enough online in order to meet my communication initiatives of being relatable, authentic and reliable. Before the assignment, I was too focused on “what could go wrong” from other’s interpretations of what I posted online. After writing the assignment, I realized that I can create content that enforces my values. My voice can be used on social media to support the value and causes I believe in and to remain connected with my network.

COM664, Organizational Identity and Branding with Dr. Weller was also critical to my understanding of how my social media usage reflects my personal brand. A personal reflection I wrote for Dr. Weller’s course helped me understand how to use social media to create content that supports a values-based narrative.

I used these concepts to create and maintain a blog that I updated while I was in working in India during 2016. The blog supports the narrative that I am an adaptable professional who can manage global teams. You can check out the blog here.


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